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Another Murph

The Beast

Like a bee flying from flower to flower, a hummingbird looking for nectar, or a butterfly in a strong breeze, Debbie is now on a very different tangent! She has always wanted to build up some upper body strength and overall body tone. Barre3 did great for her balance and core and really improved her running ability but it was now time for something different. Crossfit has always intrigued her and she did some asking around and checked out our local “box” and was sold and joined. Nervous at first, she went in and was surprised at the helpfulness of trainers and other members and soon relaxed. She had to modify her workouts in the beginning and still does on some exercises, but she holds her own amongst those way younger than her and is getting stronger every day! She is lifting weights now that just a few years ago she would have never dreamed of.

The Murph WOD


Now here we are three and a half years later and approximately 658 WOD’s, she signed up for the annual Memorial Day Murph honoring our fallen veterans, her fourth one. You can read and learn about it here. Each person does the same workout for time, and this year she did pull ups and strict push ups without modifying and beat her time by 48 seconds. Good job honey! As for distance running, well some 5K’s and 10K’s may be in the future….more later!!!


Ouch, but it doesn’t stop her!

An Overdue Update

Debbie Getting It Done!

So you might be wondering where Debbie has been lately as the updates have been few! Well, just a few things to tell you. No runs really, and no Spartans done either, but she had to go in for some arthroscopic surgery. She hurt her right knee back last summer doing her passion, CrossFit. Now her knee, in reality, had probably been injured for a long time and may have started in the midst of her running. Doing all the squatting required, most likely aggravated it to the point of finally having to do something about it. It started hurting more and more and began to swell. For a few months, she tried to heal it by periodic draining, ice, backing off her knee workouts, but it didn’t help enough. An MRI finally was done and showed a tear in her meniscus, so in early December she went in and had it repaired. She’s had to modify her workouts since and no winter skiing can be done this season, but here we are in February almost and she’s back at it getting stronger and stronger as you can see in the pictures. She’s not squatting the weight she was last year, but it won’t be long!!! The doctor told her she is a very fast healer and I think we can all agree that nothing will keep her down for long!! I am always proud of my tough little girl!!

That’s My Girl!

Another Run – Another Medal

Well she logged in another run and got another medal and her collection continues to grow! She won first place in her age group once again and this was funny in itself……but that’s an inside joke! She ran it with a couple of her cross fit friends and yours truly…, her other half! She was a bit slower in this run than in the past, but it’s probably more due to the fact she doesn’t run on a regular basis as much as she used to, but still does her cross fit at a minimum of five days a week! Just a week earlier we all did the Winter Pineapple Classic 5k which is a fun rum with obstacles and slides! I don’t normally log in her times for these kinds of races as she normally does them in a group and we all wait for each other, and it is just for fun! Well, there is nothing on the horizon just yet, but you never know what may pop up! Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!!!

Another Medal!!!

TIME: 30:25
PACE: 9:49

Spartan Trifecta Complete!


A Proud Spartan Trifecta!

Well she did it and completed her goal of getting a Spartan Trifecta done this year!!! In an earlier post, she did the Super race in Snohomish. Then in August it was down to Washougal for the Portland Sprint Race. It was that one that Team Morningwood had two other members doing their first ever Spartan race, yours truly and Brandon. It was a tough one for me due to shoulder issues, but Debbie had no problems with it! The weather was warm so the water obstacles were a welcome relief! In September she and the team did their third race for the trifecta, the Spartan Beast back in Snohomish. Brandon and I sat out, however, Brandon and crew went back the following day and he did the Sprint! Yeah, I am a wussie! Debbie did a great job with this one and even conquered many obstacles that she had not been able to do in the previous races. What an accomplishment she has made! Very proud of here and Team Morningwood whoop whoop! You can see her results here! I wonder what is next……who knows!

The Spartan Trifecta Medals!!!



Beer Run!!!!

Well she added another run to the list just mainly for fun. Her CrossFit friends, Brandon and Diane and me all headed to Redmond’s Marymoor Park for the Washington Beer Festival for the Beer Run. It was just a 5K and was pretty flat and was a lot of fun. There were no timing chips at this run so basically the time was on the clock at the finish or by what was on your GPS watch and her time clocked in at 29:50! The main attraction was the after run festivities which included beer, wine, cider, food and good times and we achieved them all!! Next up is the Spartan Sprint in Portland Oregon which yours truly(the husband) has been dragged into! I’m scared!

Let’s Drink Some Beer!

Spartan Super Race 2017

Let’s find out what our girl has been up to lately! Crossfit continues to be her main focus still at this point. She has gotten stronger and more confident in her abilities at the “box”! She comes home with bruises, blisters, sore muscles but shrugs them off and marches on! She even participated in the Open of the Crossfit Games this year. She did very good for her first time in the games. You can see her results here! She loves her “box” and the people who workout there and has made many friends there.

Now for the latest, she just recently teamed up with her Crossfit buddy Diane, Alex(the younger son), his friends Nels and Greg and did the Spartan Super Race held up in Snohomish! What an event and it was Debbie’s first of that magnitude. They had a blast even though doing burpees became their workout of the day if they weren’t able to finish an obstacle! It was almost ten miles and more than 25 obstacles and they finished in 4:42:06! It was a great thing to see mother and son competing together and son keeping an eye on Mom to make sure she was okay throughout the race! Spectators weren’t allowed to follow the whole race so what pictures were gotten were it! You can tell by the looks on their faces, that nobody got injured and all had a great time. Now there’s talk of doing a sprint in August in Oregon and trying to get yours truly involved in that one! Gulp……stay tuned!


Run With The Fishes 2016

Well it has been awhile since Deb ran a race. She does run at her workouts at Crossfit, but doesn’t do much running otherwise. Her other half, me, has been trying to run some short runs to see if it bothers my heel. We decided to go out and hit the streets to do this 5K which was close to us and the weather was still holding up. It was Run With With the Fishes part of Issaquah’s yearly Salmon Days festival. It is a fun, flat run through the streets of downtown Issaquah and afterwards, you can go enjoy the festival which is always a great time. Even though she hadn’t run in awhile in a race and was just doing it for fun, she came in second place in her age group once again! Too bad they didn’t give out trophies for this one so she could add to her collection! Good job Debbie!!!!

Deb's Race Results!

Deb’s Race Results!

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