Another Murph

The Beast

Like a bee flying from flower to flower, a hummingbird looking for nectar, or a butterfly in a strong breeze, Debbie is now on a very different tangent! She has always wanted to build up some upper body strength and overall body tone. Barre3 did great for her balance and core and really improved her running ability but it was now time for something different. Crossfit has always intrigued her and she did some asking around and checked out our local “box” and was sold and joined. Nervous at first, she went in and was surprised at the helpfulness of trainers and other members and soon relaxed. She had to modify her workouts in the beginning and still does on some exercises, but she holds her own amongst those way younger than her and is getting stronger every day! She is lifting weights now that just a few years ago she would have never dreamed of.

The Murph WOD


Now here we are three and a half years later and approximately 658 WOD’s, she signed up for the annual Memorial Day Murph honoring our fallen veterans, her fourth one. You can read and learn about it here. Each person does the same workout for time, and this year she did pull ups and strict push ups without modifying and beat her time by 48 seconds. Good job honey! As for distance running, well some 5K’s and 10K’s may be in the future….more later!!!


Ouch, but it doesn’t stop her!


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